Athletic Perceptions of Performance

The Athletic Perceptions of Performance Scale (APPS) was purposively designed to be a brief measurement tool to fill an existing gap in the assessment of athlete-specific for athlete specific self-conscious emotions relative to performance, namely, athletic shame- and guilt-proneness assessed over the past 4 weeks.

The APPS is freely available for non-commercial use, and downloadable here:

Original Article:

Rice, S. M., Treeby, M. S., Olive, L., Saw, A. E., Kountouris, A., Lloyd, M., Macleod, G., Orchard, J. W., Clarke, P., Gwyther, K., & Purcell, R. (2021). Athlete experiences of shame and guilt: Initial psychometric properties of the Athletic Perceptions of Performance Scale within junior elite cricketers. Frontiers in Psychology12, 581914.

Example publications citing the APPS:

Denerel, N., & Lima, Y. (2022). Competing against COVID-19: what about the mental health problems of athletes with disabilities?. The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 1-7.