Athlete Psychological Strain

The Athlete Psychological Strain Questionnaire (APSQ) is a 10 question, brief self-report screening instrument for elite athlete’s mental health. It assesses three domains of elite athlete mental strain: (1) Self-regulation, (2) Performance, and (3) External Coping. It was originally validated with a large sample (n = 1,007) of currently competing Australian male elite athletes, and re-validated with an additional sample of female elite athletes.

There are several international validations of the APSQ being developed – Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian and Turkish.

The APSQ is freely available for non-commercial use, and downloadable here:

Original Article:

Rice, S., Parker, A., Mawren, D., Clifton, C., Harcourt, P., Lloyd, M., Kountouris, A., Smith, B., McGorry, P. & Purcell, R. (2020) Preliminary psychometric validation of a brief screening tool for athlete mental health among male elite athletes: the Athlete Psychological Strain Questionnaire, International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 18:6, 850-865,

International Validation Articles:


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Lima Y, Oz N, Denerel N, Ozkaya O, Senisik S, Rice S. (2022) Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of Athlete Psychological Strain Questionnaire (APSQ). Turkish Journal of Sports Medicine.

Example publications citing the APSQ:

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