+M Positive Masculinity – model development and implementation of a positive masculinity program for secondary school settings, co-led by A/Prof Simon Rice & Dr Ray Swann

Affinity RCT Principal Investigator – evaluation of a social media (MOST) intervention for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours, led by A/Prof Simon Rice in collaboration with Orygen Digital (Prof Mario Alvarez) and Orygen’s Suicide Prevention Program (A/Prof Jo Robinson) 

Lifeline RCT Investigator – testing the impact of a focussed training program to improve engagement of male callers to Lifeline, co-led by A/Prof Simon Rice & Prof Jane Pirkis

Mental Health in Elite Sports – research program focussed on athlete mental health and wellbeing, led by Prof Rosie Purcell

Men in Mind RCT Investigator – a clinician training program to better engage boys and men in therapy, led by Dr Zac Seidler

Boys Do Cry RCT Investigator – a media-based campaign to improve men’s mental health help seeking, led by Prof Jane Pirkis  

Breaking the Man Code RCT Investigator – evaluation of a school-based workshops addressing adherence to rigid masculinity norms and low help-seeking among school aged boys, led by Dr Kylie King

The Compassionate Performer Investigator – development and piloting of a self-compassion intervention for creative arts performers, led by Dr Courtney Walton

Supporting Elite Youth Athlete Mental Health Investigator – understanding environmental factors and developing optimal models of care, led by Dr Courtney Walton

Men Building Better Relationships Investigator – development and piloting of an upstream intervention to improve men’s intimate relationships, led by Prof John Oliffe  

Playing it Safe Investigator – development of psychological safety guidelines for community sport settings, led by A/Prof Stewart Vella

Cannabidiol RCT Investigator – clinical trial of cannabidiol for Treatment Resistant Anxiety Disorders in Youth, led by Prof Paul Amminger

UBC Men’s Health Research Program, International Affiliate, led by Prof John Oliffe  

UBC Reducing Male Suicide Research Cluster, International Affiliate, led by Prof John Oliffe